We offer many Workshops and specialty classes at Breathe. Check this page frequently for updates.

Relieving Pain Through Self Care

Saturday, April 20th 1:00to 3:00PM


You have the ability to relieve your aches and pains on your own! Learn how with Anita Tadavarthy, licensed acupuncturist, who will show you how to best use ice and heat therapy, diet, acupressure and more, including guided meditation which as been known to alleviate chronic pain. You'll also have the opportunity to experience what an acupuncture session is like, if you desire. This workshop will be held at our main studio.

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Kids’ Yoga Spring Session

Sundays at 12:30 PM**

April 7 thru June 2

kids yoga.jpg

Let your little one, in grades K-6 experience the wonder of yoga with other kiddos in a whimsical and easy way. While certainly open to the upper primary grades, this class is most recommended for grades K-4.

Each class will explore fundamental yoga poses while increasing flexibility, strength, coordination, posture, self-calming techniques and relaxation. Parents are encouraged to drop their kids off and enjoy some time alone.

Each class will offer a different theme:

April 7 - Storybook Yoga - we'll do yoga sequences along with favorite fairy tales and legends as well as some we make up!

April 28 - Dragon Yoga - Young yogis will use their imaginations to travel to a magical world where they will learn all the poses they need to transform into dragons NOTE: This class will be held at 1pm at Breathe (too)

May 12 - Mommy & Me - Quality time and partner poses to celebrate this special bond -- a nice little afternoon activity on Mothers' Day!

May 19 - Yoga and Art - we will explore different artistic mediums as we practice meditation by making mandalas. We will also move our bodies and create living mandalas by doing group poses which build collaboration and cooperative skills.

June 2 - Yoga Dance - in this class, the kids will learn some yoga “choreography” to go with fun music! They will take home copies of the sequences as well as the names of the songs so they can get moving at home too!

Sorry -- no refunds for missed classes. You can register for individual classes at $15 per class -- just click on the DROP IN link on the calendar to register.

**PLEASE NOTE: All Kids Yoga classes will be at 12:30pm on Sunday at our main studio located at 6350 Rolling Mill Place in Springfield with the only exception being the April 28 class which will be held at 1:00pm at our studio annex, Breathe (too) , located at 9304 Old Keene Mill Rd., Burke

All classes taught by Annie Welsch, a 200 RYT and FCPS elementary school music teacher

We have all the gear your child will need. Encourage your child to dress comfortably and avoid jeans.

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You may also choose to register for individual sessions for the drop-in fee of $15 each. Click on the dates below to register for individual classes:

April 7, April 28 -to be held at Breathe(too), May 12, May 19, June 2

Face Yoga

Saturday, April 27th 1:00-2:30pm @ Breathe(too)


FACE YOGA IS BACK! After numerous requests, Aneta is thrilled to be offering Face Yoga at Breathe. Many people can attest to the long-term positive effects of yoga: stronger core, legs, shoulders, arms, and of course focus, balance and stress reduction. Did you know you can apply the same principals to your face and reap many similar rewards? Well, you can. Yoga for the face can give you tighter, younger-looking skin by training your face muscles just like you have been doing with your body.

Breathe is happy to bring you a “Face Yoga” workshop just in time for spring! Join our own Aneta Anderson who will teach you:

  • Facial muscular exercises to firm your skin and smooth the appearance of wrinkles and bring optimum blood circulation into the face, which stimulates collagen and elastin production.

  • Ayurvedic face mapping (the ancient science linking areas of the face to health in the body’s functions, organs and systems).

  • How to find facial acupressure points, and give yourself a gentle massage to encourage healthy beautiful skin, improve the flow of the chi (energy, prana, life force), improve circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system.

$35 per person; $5 discount for annual unlimited members and for Early Birds who register by April 17.


Due to differing facial skin types, participants are encouraged to bring their own facial massage oil. However, Aneta will have some on hand if you forget. If this is all new to you and you’d like to know more but don’t know where to start, feel free to contact Aneta at anetagrll@yahoo.com with any questions.

Creating Effective Affirmations

5 Sessions - Starting Sunday, April 28th - 1:15-2:15 PM

Affirmations are positive statements that have the ability to transform your life due to their impact on your conscious and subconscious mind. They motivate. They keep the mind focused on the goal. They influence the subconscious mind and activate its powers. They make you feel positive, energetic and active, and therefore, put you in a better position to transform your internal and external worlds. They have the very real ability to change the way you think and behave, which can bring you into contact with new people, who can help you with your goals.s


If you attended one of Anita Tadavarthy's Intro to Affirmations sessions you gained real perspective into how life-changing they can be. This 5-week session will dive deeper into creating affirmations for all aspects of your life, as follows:

  • April 28 - Understanding Techniques to Creating the Most Effective Affirmations

  • May 5 - Creating Healing Affirmations for Health

  • May 19 - Creating Loving Affirmations for Love, Romance and Family

  • June 2 - Creating Powerful Affirmations for Prosperity and Wealth

  • June 9 - Sharing our Stories and Experiences using Affirmations

Sessions will be held Breathe (too), 9304-D Old Keene Mill Rd, Burke

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You may also choose to register for individual sessions for the drop-in fee of $25 each. Click on the dates below to register for individual classes

April 28, May 5, May 19, June 2, June 9

Anita, a licensed acupuncturist, is the owner of Empirical Grace Acupuncture in Springfield. She also holds a masters degree in Chinese medicine. Prior to this, she ran a group of alternative medical acupuncture clinics in Portland, Oregon. As she got to know her patients she appreciated their stories and did her best to help them along their path by helping them to relieve their physical pain though acupuncture and to transform their lives through affirmations and meditation. Anita has been practicing affirmations for 17 years. She is also on faculty and teaches at the Virginia University of Integrative Medicine.

Sound Bath Meditation
 Sunday, April 28th, 7PM

According to sonic specialist Monte Hansen from the Crystal Ashram near Annapolis MD, “A sound bath is an immersion in sound frequency that cleans your soul.” Leave your rubber ducky at home. Bring your blankie instead, for this super relaxing immersion!  According to cutting-edge doctors from Harvard, some of the deepest most profound healing in the body is accomplished with sound frequency.  

Join us when Human Activation sound frequency specialist Robert Lee will be playing several of these rare Singing Bowls, some of which are over 200 years old. Hear the amazing story of how the practice was abandoned long ago and rediscovered in modern times. Come experience these gifts from the past in this NON-religious practice of our present. Be rejuvenated or just captivated by this unique musical performance.

Bring your pillows, blankies, and yoga mats and snuggle into the comfort of the tranquil sounds. Feel free to sit, lay, or even stand! Meditating with singing bowls has been known to reduce blood pressure more than guided meditation alone. 

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Back to Center, Breath by Breath


Saturday, May 4th - 1:00-4:00pm @ Breathe(too)

Welcome to an investigation into the ways we breathe. Welcome to the awareness of the breath entering your body. Being that "gracious host to a curious breath" that Molly talks about in her practices. Not only is breathing the "proof of life" that you are here, it's also your body's rehab center. Every breath DOES matter and every breath can bring you better health, back to yourself, and to a place where it's just you, and the world fades away -- even if you're in the midst of chaos at Target, trying to get on a plane, sitting in a meeting, presenting at a meeting... Life is full of unexpected moments and your breath can help you navigate through them like a leaf on a stream.

During this three-hour odyssey, Molly will share with you numerous breathing techniques and gentle movements to help you stay grounded, come back to center and think clearly. You will learn how to massage to assist lymphatic flow. You will learn how to apply soft pressure on the thumb and fingertips that will help keep you in the moment and bring you to that place where you're just on the edge of "here and there."

Join us. It's quiet and calm here, in your breath, on that stream.


You Can Dance!

Saturday, May 18th 4:00PM

Join Breathe member and dance instructor Amy Abbott for a really fun hour where you'll learn simple choreography set to contemporary music. While not an aerobics class, don't be surprised when you're out of breath after a few songs! Many dance styles will be incorporated (jazz, modern, Latin rhythm, swing) and this class welcomes true beginners (never having taken a dance class), as well as seasoned professionals.



Non-members - $20

Amy has been a dancer her entire life, starting out at an early age with jazz, tap, ballet and modern dance. She discovered partner dancing in high school and trained in ballroom dance at the Ohio State University. After a study abroad trip to Spain and working in Mexico City, she quickly fell in love with Latin dances. Amy joined the salsa performance team Dynamix in 2006 and has performed, competed and taught salsa dance for the past 13 years.

Amy also teaches wedding dancing to couples, mothers/sons and fathers/daughters getting ready for their dances, and has done so for the past ten years.

Here's what some folks who have attended Amy's classes have said:

"Amy has lead Salsa lessons at BEACON for Adult Literacy's annual Salsa Dance Fundraiser for two consecutive years. She is an incredible instructor. Everyone who attended loved the event and after an hour lesson we were all able to follow the basic Salsa steps. She makes dancing fun and attainable for everyone."

"Learning to dance Salsa has been a goal of mine for several years. My husband and I both have two left feet. Within an hour's time Amy had us dancing! She's an incredible instructor- easy to follow, super encouraging, and above all she makes it fun. If she can get us to dance, she can teach anyone!"

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Guided Meditation
Thursdays (once monthly) at 7:15PM at our studio annex Breathe (too)

Join this guided meditation to experience relaxation and rejuvenation while calming your mind and bringing peace to your soul. Meditation is well known to enhance health and wellbeing, release stress, improve sleep, and attract happiness, love and abundance. The session will include vivid visualizations with tranquil music and nature sounds.

Space is limited so select the session you want to attend on our Calendar page.